Friday, September 14, 2007

Mike Prather - It's All The Same To Me

Hear The Track Here

Believe me Mike, I know the feeling. Mike Prather is yet another new name to me but not to Soundclick judging by the usual statistical landmarks; message board activity, stations playing. Still, this is a big place and it's easy to miss something. Mike is a country artist from the country that gave us country if you catch my drift. Look, I'll spell it out: U S A. I live to make your life less complicated. For my money there is a world of difference (nay a gaping void) between the commercial country and western and what I call true American country music; music for folks, made for folks.

Mike is a Texan solo artist so expect nothing in the way of production other than a clear stereo mix with the slightest hint of reverb. Which, in my opinion, already raises the odds against me disliking what he has to offer. Keep it simple is a motto because it actually works. Other than Mike, a fine guitar sound and performance, the only other embellishment is a double tracked vocal that happens at key points in the song that's light enough to lift the mood but not present enough to change it. The first or second time around was extremely entertaining and it didn't wear out its welcome throughout the review process and that's no mean feat; and a no-fekkin-kidding miracle for a singer/songwriter.

There again I do have a taste for the real country and Mike's music and performance shows that he has paid all the dues, knows a trick or two and delivers a likeable, warm track in a fine tradition. Mike has a terrific country voice; one I know will go down well with my old friend Mike Kolhgraf who absolutely laps this stuff up. It would be true to say that - only as a reference of course - Mike Prather sounds a little like Morris P Rainville so if you like that kinda thing, I'd definitely recommend giving this a going over. And if, like me, you are a sap for a simple telling of a tale, then you really should hear (and read the lyrics) of It's All The Same To Me. Well, I've decided. It isn't all the same to me; there is good and there is better; and this is way better.

Highly Recommended Country (yes, I said that).

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