Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sound Radius - Disney Action Hero

Hear The Track Here

Sound Radius, after a racing start with some really stupendous tracks, suddenly went dark and silent. Wait though, this is a classical/film score type artist and you know how I feel about that. Sound Radius' work sets him so far above the regular crowd though as any track on their webpage will amply testify. Music this good is practically genreless anyway; it's just too good to be pigeon-holed. Sound Radius manages to pack more raw emotion, guys and power into each second of his tracks than six thousand other wannabees - and remember I don't even normally like this style. I will bend the knee to talent though, and that is where this artist has scored consistently - and not just with me; I know he is well liked by SC stations too.

'Simply put, a glorified action track. Features full orchestra, percussion and choir' is how Sound Radius bills this track and I'd say it's not far off the mark. It's also light years away from the more majestic, soaring side of his work that most appeals to me. That's not to say that there isn't plenty of inspiration here - remember this is Sound Radius were are discussing. There are some absolutely thrilling builds and breaks of the kind to make your stare wistfully and go ooh and aah at appropriate points. Like a Disney action film too, you blink and you miss it. The music charges out of the gate, not giving an inch and continues in much the same manner for around two and a half minutes, which means that you end up playing it a LOT more times than other tracks you have to review.

Doesn't worry me, though because I am a confirmed fan.

Having said that, I am not particularly struck personally by Disney Action hero, but I think that's just a personal bias because there is no disputing the quality of the music on display. Can't say that I am as sure about the production on this either, it seems a little noisy especially in the intro and could have sworn I can hear crackles. However, that may also be my ears acting up after playing this so many times. In truth it is a track worthy of this artist, and maybe I am just getting way too picky in my old age. I don't know, it seems rushed despite its extraordinary feel and punch and I can't seem to get past that. It hasn't stopped me enjoying the hell out of it but not, I fear, a Sound Radius track I'll be keeping - and that IS a surprise.

Highly Recommended, endless chases in glorious stereo.

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