Saturday, September 29, 2007

Wreckless Music Ejay - Gemini

Hear The Track Here

It's nice to round out the month with a couple of newer names (at least to me). The first of which, I have to admit, I had some definite reservations about, long before I heard any music. Which should show that names can more more than just something to chuckle about. So whats in a name, you ask? I know that many, many people will look at this artists name and immediately leap to the same conclusion I did, without hearing a note of music. Looked at in that way, this could prove to be a serious roadblock if you want to make an impact in online music. The problem, as ever, is in the use of the E word. Firstly, I think Ejay (the music software) own the rights to the name, so Wreckless Music may wish to rethink this. Much more telling is the connotation the name Ejay gives the the wider general online audience; software made for building musical blocks; legomusic as some wiseacre once joked.

Having spent considerable time on the Ejay forums during the early 2000's, I don't share the distaste for music emanating from this source, I have met many fine musicians who cut their teeth on Ejay. Mind you, go to the above site and Wreckless Music, will give you a whole other explanation. I still advise caution when using this name because of its wider implications but hey, it's your life. Musically though, Gemini displays none of the downsides of Ejay and much of straight ahead hip hop from this Washington (state) artist. I think they are probably a new addition to Soundclick, and judging by this track are more than a welcome addition to the hip hop field; better than a lot, not so good as the few - if ya get what I mean. Still, we all have to start somewhere, and Gemini is a worthy listen - should you like the genre.

It's a given that not everyone is into hip hop but I have been a big fan from the very start and although I'm not enamored with lot of of todays rappers, I do like some of the unsigned online stuff. Like a lot of hip hop artists, musically Gemini follows a very familiar pattern; dirty beats, a tinkling, plinking soundtrack and machine gun vocals all mashed up into a whole. As such, it won't make much impression, it's too formulaic, to standardised to really stand out. Shame that because the best part of this track (the rap) is special; a double rap between a bass voice and either a female and/or young boy. It works a treat and - as such - is a pretty unique to hang a rep on and one I personally could do with hearing more of, So, not a bad track, just not very inspiring - except for the vocals.

There again, early days yet...

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