Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Fluidity - Did It Again

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The first band from Down Under (Australia, New Zealand) I ever heard was a band called the Easybeats and since then even I have to admit that they have spat out some world class bands between them. It's true that - initially anyway - Australia tended to overshadow its neighbour at the beginning but it's the native New Zealand musicians who have provided the most surprises (Split Enz, Crowded House et al, naming my own personal favourites). The reason I'm chattering about all things Antipodean is that, surprisingly enough, Fluidity (aka John Paul Carroll) is from New Zealand and a fine example of how that spirit lives on he is too. I use the references in this paragraph particularly because in the few years I have known him this artist has progressed enormously, and this track is sure proof that he - how should I put this? - did it again.

Except more so. If you catch my drift.

From the admittedly demo sound he had in the beginning, JP has been learning tricks left right and centre and Did It Again is the culmination of all that hard work. I freely admit I have a liking for his music, a rock musician who feels his roots but still manages to create a sound that could only be Fluidity - where the name means what its says. 2007 has seen a slew of really good tracks from this artist but, right now, I think Did It Again has them all beat. Everything fits together so well in this track, a class production and a song that - once again - has JP wearing his heart on his sleeve. Bless him.... Aaaaaaa.... (Ed: now, now enough of that)

One of things I have come to most appreciate about Fluidity are the lyrics; he often doesn't have a lot to say but what he says he says well. One of the conversations we had waaay back was about whether or not he should be singing on his tracks and if Did It Again isn't the only answer to that question, I know nozzing. I like the tough, rocky side of Fluidity and Did It Again has plenty of that to go along with the cracking song. Front and center though are the excellent vocals, lifted by both backing vocals and strings; between that and the absolutely standout production values this track embodies its a shoo in. On a personal level I think this is probably the best thing I have heard from this artist yet, but I do love rock don' I?

MUST HAVE Alternative rock.

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