Sunday, September 09, 2007

Terry Prong and Jim Miller - Coaster Boy

Hear The Track Here

Aaarggghhh, there's a combination to make the eyes bulge!! The Purveyor of Prong and the... (well, we needn't mention the other...). Both are recognised loonies of the first order but that doesn't stop them being - in their own right - musicians of a certain calibre and quality and I bet that this pairing will raise a few eyebrows amongst thier many friends and fans. Terry Prong has delivered some bloody classic tracks in the past although its been a while since I heard anything new from him. Jim Miller is one half of Jim-n-Lisa, one of the brightest, most inventive musicians on Soundclick or anywhere else for that matter and - as you well know - we are ALWAYS hearing from him :P

So it is safe to say that I am extremely biased on both counts...

I'm not sure where you can get this track, having perused Prong's Xpresso Radio site (the link above) and found nothing to download - either that or me broadband's kicking up again because the download page didn't work. Nonetheless I managed to snag a copy of this from Jim's fixthatmix site which is what I am about to discuss. Maybe one of the two will explain where you can pick up your own copy. Even before I heard the track I was certain I was in for a treat, both of these musicians understand exactly how to play and present themselves to the full so the final result is a track that will find many, many takers.

Terry Prong is the intellect behind the whole Coaster (as in Roller) trilogy of songs of which you can read more on his site (Ed: he actually wrote 'you lazy bastards' there but I edited it out), and it's his musical edge that gives this track its particular flavour; a wonderfully fulfilling experience. The one thing you can guarantee from Prongy is that it will sound like nothing you have ever heard before but oh-so reassuringly familiar. Jim's superlative sax work gives this a early '70s jazz rock fusion feel, aided by Terry's solid, chunky guitar and equally inspiring lead lines. However, like all peices of really good work, it is more than the some of its parts. This is a track that will still be revealing bits of itself for ages yet and the 40m plays I've already given it have merely scratched the surface. Class work from seasoned (albeit online) professionals,it doesn't come much better than this...

Beg, steal, borrow but get this. MUST HAVE

(Ed: what? what? what did I do wrong???)

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Terry Prong said...

I am overwhelmed by this review. Coming from a very respected musician in his own right, many thanks for that uplifting review.
Terry Prong