Friday, September 14, 2007

Avalanche - Ain't No Hiding In A Digital World

Hear The Track Here

Good God is it that time already? Didn't I already review this?? How come everything comes up Avalanche all of a sudden? Have I been NAV-alated?? Mind you, when you have 30 years of being a band under your belts you are going to be able to do things other bands can only wish for. The reason Avalanche have such a high profile on the sites they hang out in is as simple as ABC; they know exactly what to do and how to do it. The string of classic tracks they have released over the last couple of years is ample testimony to their total professionalism, and a sad, sad indictment of how short sighted the music business can be. As I said before, since coming to Soundclick the band seems to have hit on a new audience and they truly deserve the recognition that means - at least from their peers.

Hey, every little counts.

Just as an indication of how professional they are, take a look at Mike Foster's (lead guitarist, cook and bottle-washer) production notes at the bottom of the lyrics page. Remember the old saying you can't teach an old dog new tricks? Bollocks to that. Not only are these old dogs learning new tracks, they are mastering them at a prodigious rate. It's a given then, that any Avalanche track will be as close to the real deal as you are ever going to get on the internet - no matter what site you hang out in. Alright, it helps that you have a healthy appetite for class American rock, as well as liking songs that have more to verbalise than riches and bitches. Whichever way you look at it, I would bet you are not likely to hear anything quite this good (sound and performance) anywhere else. And that, my bewildered breddren, is Avalanche's greatest asset.

I've always had a liking for the more traditional forms of rock and I cherish the bands I do find who embody not just the music, but the ethos of what the music is all about. Like all fine traditions, it's ultimately about storytelling; except the musicians get to cavort around like dickheads while wailing their particular strain of the genre. That's the other area that Avalanche have always scored big with me, they have a way of getting straight to the point that is heartening. Digital World could be an unreleased track from any other the early bands who experimented with electronic sound, notably the Who which this initially reminded me of. It's classic style and arrangement on served to reinforce that impression; especially in the stop-start chorus. Regardless of my own clearly obvious bias, I'd defy any one of you to tell me that this isn't worthy of the rating it so justly deserved.

Avalanche. Bury yourself in it. MUST HAVE classic rock.

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