Thursday, September 27, 2007

Drew Warburton - Run

Hear The Track Here

Drew Warburton, in case you didn't know, is the only artist I know who has received not only of of the hardest reviews I have ever written, but one of the longest too. When I reviewed Eternally Forever (September 2004) I wrote reams and reams about everything (including the track obviously) and - to be honest - it probably felt like a slap in the face at that point. Certainly enough to put most newbies off this game for life but thankfully, Drew was made of sterner stuff than that. He bounced back in style with Lose (February 2007) a really terrific Rolling Stones sounding song that surprised the beejeebus out of me. Now that's what I call a smart comeback!

Now just in case you think that Drew is wearing some spectactularly tight trousers while listening to this song, let me explain. The vocals on Run are sung by a lady called Zara and I for one could do with hearing a lot more of her. She has a great feel and her voice just oozes confidence - the sort of voice you couldn't really get too much of (Ed: Unless you were married to it). IMHO her voice could have done with being a lot more up front and centre, her tone and phrasing could certainly fill out the sound more. There again, this is a very minor quibble, and probably just sour grapes from me because Drew gets to work with such a singer and all I get is caterwauling Indian grannies.... ;)

The intervening years since that first review and now have put some very substantial meat on Drew's musical bones and he has become a fine musician and (surprise, surprise) a good songwriter into the bargain. When he asked for this review he was muttering some technical gabble about click track this and click track that but - to be honest - this track seemed perfectly fine to me, in every way. Sure, the music tended to overcrowd the vocal from time to time, but that self same music held some great atmosphere and my, my Drew manages some very interesting licks into the bargain. Ultimately Run is a great little rock song, sung by an angel, written by a capable guitarist/songwriter and I urge you to get an earfull and please, more of Zara!! (Ed: He's not a dirty old man really...) Yes, I am. I am too!!

Most Highly Recommended. A great rock tune.

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