Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Alchemystic - A Cold Light In The East

Hear The Track Here

Nice to get Alchemystic's review contribution in early this month, that way he can't be changing it halfway through ;) Yep, he does have a knack for that sort of thing. On the plus side, he also has a knack of turning out handy tunes too so all in all it evens itself out. Of late, Alchemystic has been venturing into other musical genres that the one he started out with and - again - he manages to come up smelling of roses. He always had this talent for churning out extremely enjoyable tracks both to listen to and as brain food, but now that he is stretching himself further he's coming up with some really surprising things. So if you haven't heard of Alchemystic before, get to know him.

It's well worth it.

No track was more surprising to me than Di Good Life or Streetwalking (ie reggae and discofunk) because they are so different to what this artist has attempted before - and still manage to get it right. A Cold Light In The East is billed as an ethno-electronic track (world fusion as it were) an area I know this artist has tried before. Much more to the point it borders on the kind of music I like to do, so expectations were high. If you've heard any of Alchemystic's previous works, the intro shouldn't be too much of a stretch for you to imagine, but once it enters the main track, abandon hope because if you thought Alchy was a electronica artist, think again.

Oh sure, he's using electronica to give the right poke (eh!), but he's using middle eastern lead lines, tablas and God knows what else and mixing it up in stirring fashion. It's got a hard edge to it, and when those sections kick in the track absolutely takes off. While I will admit to a marked bias for what this artist does, I don't think it's up for question that Alchemystic turns in cracking tunes no matter what genre he is working in. This is a multi-level track that throws up new things to gawk at at every turn and is so well polished and presented, you wouldn't believe this could be 'some guy in his bedroom' All told this track should be a highly recommended, but once I really started to listen to it, there was no choice - which seems to have become one of Alchemystic's other hallmarks.

MUST HAVE world fusion.

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