Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Prash - Naach Na Na

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Now here is the most welcome sight this year. It's been ages and ages since I last heard anything from one of my favourite Indian artists, so getting this track this month was a real treat - at least for me. However, I suspect I won't be alone in that warm glow, Prash has plenty of friends on Soundclick who will probably feel the same. Funnily enough, Prashant Vadhyar (hence Prash) likes to make gen-u-wine rock music, and very, very well he does at it too; the endless string of must haves testifies to that. There again, when you consider that Prash (in his day job as it were) is a working Bollywood (ie Mumbai, India) musician working on films scores, adverts and God knows what else.

He would have to be good, know worra mean innit?

My only problem with reviewing his work is that I can never find anything wrong with it, and lots that is so, so right. Getting the reviews soaked in drippy praise makes for rubbish reading but Prash is one of the very few artists where such praise is not just so much hyperbole; he really is that good. In this instance he delivers a rare track (at least for him). Naach Na Na is - as you can probably guess from the title - a return to his own musical roots, something he has done all too rarely in the time that I have known him. That whiff of sour grapes is probably more to do with my own love of Indian sounds, than with Prash's equal love for all things rock. Bless him though, he makes it all worthwhile because - when he does return to his own country for inspiration - the result is pure heaven for this reviewer,

So, a liking for all things Bollywood is absolutely essential to get anything from this track but there are plenty of Bhangra boys and girls out there who will love this. Naach Na Na is a track made to help people 'to let go of their inhibitions and join in the dancing... we expect this song to play at parties and wedding celebrations... especially in the northern part of india... ' and I see no problem whatsoever with that line of thought. As you can imagine, the track pounds along like a maddened water buffalo powerfully sung by its composer Sunil Choudhry, backed up with some stupendous production and backing from Prash. It's a given that I would absolutely love this but I would bet my entire (slightly soiled obviously) reputation that you will too; world music at its very, very best.

Absolute MUST HAVE

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