Sunday, September 09, 2007

-LMS- (Miami) - All A Dream

Hear The Track Here

There was a time when I had to beg to review hip hop on this site, and if you've ever seen me in such a degrading pose you will know it's not a pretty sight. These days, however, I am glad to say that hip hop artists do turn up now in the Critics Corner forum and I'm managing to collect a couple of hip hop tracks a month. It is, after all, a genre I like to keep up with. -LMS-(aka Last Man Standing) Miami is an artist I've come across a couple, three times in the past and not suffered overly much because of it. In fact, I've really liked his raps in almost every case, but the music often left a lot to be desired. All A Dream (produced by Hazardis Soundz apparently) is LMS's answer to everything; s'all a dream, ya know?

I can relate to that, if I could just wake up...

Tell ya what though, whoever Hazardis Soundz are they have definitely furnished LMS with the one thing he has been missing up to this point; a sound that matched his rap flow and potential. On that score alone, this makes it into my good books but back that up with a catchy, coherent rap and a killer cut up music track and I find it's something I can get behind whole-heartedly. I do like the breakbeat style and when its used to power a rap like this, it counts. OK, there will still be the usual predjudice about the amount of cussing, but listen to this track as a whole and - admit it - it is different enough to stand out. It's an incredibly difficult genre to produce and All A Dream shows what it should sound like when done properly.

It took me a while to get past the intial impression the music and production created, but that's only because my emphasis lies more in that direction. Time and many playings enabled the rap to stand alongside the music and this is one track you really have to hear loud - preferably while driving a fast car. In style, it pays a respectful nod to the beginnings of the genre where the musical content complemented what is happening in the rap (think early 80's rap scene for comparison). No matter what, being a fan of the genre I am going to like this. I think, if you give it a listen, you'll maybe get to like it to. It's definitely a cut above most of the so called hip hop you are likely to hear. A very worthy effort from all concerned, you should give each other a pat on the back, it's a collaboration that definitely works.

Interesting, different AND hip hop. I don't get to say that often enough. Highly Recommended.

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