Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ian Dadon - Space Colours

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Ian Dadon states in the song comments that 'I feel like I see things differently' and 'not necessarily in a good way' to which I can only add, join the club. Almost everyone I know has this viewpoint in some way, and we definitely all agree that the world is a totally insane place for human beings so wtf aren't we all scrambling to get off this damned planet?? Personally I take great delight in being able to see things different, or even if it comes to that, being able to see at all. As I have often mentioned, I think that a large part of humanity is willfully, knowingly blind to the world about them. I love being engaged with the larger world that surrounds me, even though it often make me weep tears of frustration (as I suspect it does for Ian); it is what gets me up in the morning.

Now quite what all of this has to do with Space Colours (other than my lifelong wish to travel in space) I'm sure will be made clear. Out of the handful of other Ian Dadon tracks I have reviewed he has proved himself a very capable songwriter, even if sometimes the music doesn't work for me (or at least the more proggy bits), so it's a good job they don't occur that often. What I do like is a straightforward riff fest when I want me old bones rocked and Space Colours supplies that need perfectly, although - even now - I'm still trying to see the sense in the song itself.

One of the things I have noticed most about musicians (primarily one man bands) is the tendency - because you have the luxury of time that doesn't cost $1Bn an hour - to either overdo what you are trying to accomplish, or to underdo it. This is particularly true of singer/songwriters who are basically 'home' musicians, although Ian has managed to avoid that syndrome so far. What really gets me about this track isn't particularly musical, it's the sheer oddity of the piece, especially vocally. Give this one time to work its magic and you - like me - will be hanging on to it.

Highly Recommended rock something :)

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