Sunday, November 20, 2011

N Talekt - So Gone Feat Anna

Hear The Track Here

Although he's been around on Soundclick for some years, Richmond VA based rapper N Talekt has been a bit quite of late, breaking a long absence with a new album out now. Feeling Good (October 2011) was the first released track from In My Loving Memory and that track showed that wherever he has been, he has not been idle. Now while Feeling Good was a tasty slice of jazzy hip hop, it wasn't - to my mind - anything like as punchy as it should be. What got me was how good he has become about things like production, performance and style, all of which have seen marked improvement.

I am very happy to say that So Gone is the track I probably should have heard first but hey, ya gets what you are given eh? It works in the same sort of general field as Feeling Good but is IMHO a far stronger song and rap, not mention it has a terrific female vocal to go along with it. No idea whatsoever what exactly 'Anna' had to do with this; my assumption is that vocal but I've been caught out by this stuff before so until I know better....schtum. If that is her on the vocal then I got to say she makes this track float. (Ed: female vocal you see, Gilmore's Obsession).

There is a video attached to this track which you will find here which is of very decent quality and - surprising for rap I know - doesn't feature any half naked women to sell it to you. Just the man himself, and he does a very good job of getting the message out there. IMHO, video aside, this is one of the tighter N Talekt tracks, and definitely one of the most together in terms of music, ideas and vision. It helps that there is a killer hook too...

Excellent hip hop. Highly Recommended.

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