Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Whitman Speck - Halloween (In The N13)

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I have been known, in the past, to complain (Ed: b*tch and moan more like) about the Soundclick Parental Advisory stickers but - so far - every single one of Whitman Speck's tracks have fully deserved to be kept away from the kiddies (and the grannies, nervous nellies, anyone with a bleak disposition) because Whitman Speck is hardcore with a capital Ouch-that's-gonna-sting-in-the-morning. From the singalong delights of Dead Or Alive (February 2009) to the blood drenched, relentlessly violent images of King Of The Sickos (February 2011) and Butcher Of Plainfield (October 2011) this is not a man to meet up with in a dark alley at midnight. Or, come to think of it, in the very centre of a crowded city at midday. Or anytime really, best he stays in your nightmares, ya know...

When requesting the review Whitman stated that 'it doesn't seem to be too popular in the (Soundclick forum) Halloween contest' as if this had come as a surprise. Now if your hackles had been rising steadily since I started this review maybe you are now beginning to understand that even Halloweenies get scared when faced with this. Or maybe it's just the hip hop. Ahhh, yeah sorry, forgot to mention that Whitman is a UK rapper (the N13 refers to an area of London) and a very good one at that IMHO - even if it's more than a little disturbing to hear. Now I'm definitely an old fart that has seen way too much in the way of human behaviour so do admit to a certain mental callousness but even so, this guys scares the crap out of me too.

The self-styled 'Suburban Psycho' has always used aggressive musical tactics to soften up the meat of your ears before pouring his aural horror show into your mind; and this Halloween has more than a touch of deranged insanity about it. If the simple, nail biting, screw-you-to-your-chair edginess of the music doesn't get you sweating a bit, then the vituperative verbals that leave whole swathes of his native N13 end empty of all human life will definitely have you running right home to Mummy and a nice, calming Valium or six. DEFINITELY not for those offended by violence, sickness, death and destruction but if you like a good rapper on top of his game, Whitman Speck has that going for him.

Highly Recommended keep-your-eyes-closed Horrorcore.

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Straight to the point and well written! Why can’t everyone else be like this?