Sunday, November 20, 2011

Joe Paulson - This Fine Evening CD

Hear The Track Here

Joe Paulson is yet another new artist introduced to me by Amanda at LaFamos, a PR company doing some great work, they have introduced me to some really talented people. So, now that I've made sure that the check is in the mail (Ed: You get PAID!! for this), I have to say that their roster is impressed me so far. But there's always the next one eh? ;) Joe Paulson is a Midwestern musician (Indiana seeing as you asked) This Fine Evening is a ten track album and the album cover will give you big clue about what to expect from the music. It's beyond doubt that you will have heard something similar before - especially in America where piano based singer/songwriters are a dime a dozen.

Can't say that it's a favoured genre with me, although Elton John has done the job a time or two. Having said that, I am always willing to overcome the mountain of prejudice I normally shoulder when faced with a) American piano rock tracks and; b) ballads. Ahhh, now you get the picture now huh? I know I've bored you senseless before with my distaste for the ballad but I can see why some people (ladies anyway) like this stuff and would love anything by Joe Paulson because - like or dislike - the man has the tunes, the voice and the production quality to automatically gain listeners. Easy listening has always been a hard slog for me but surprisingly enough this review session wasn't as onerous as I expected (given the description).

Because of these endless phobias of mine, I always try to approach each review clean, looking at the musical quality and strength of song structure, then when I get musically surprised it's a bonus. After all, this material is not aimed at an old, grizzled rock animal like yours truly, but someone with a working heart. Should you have such a piece of equipment about your person I suggest that these tunes will make it all well up with emotion and such-like. Yet again, perseverance pays off because the more I listened to the CD, the more I found myself appreciating just what Joe Paulson has to offer even though it is nothing like my usual musical diet.

Highly Recommended singer/songwriter.

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