Friday, November 25, 2011

Cinnabar - Primeval Love

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Aaaaiiieee, the internet is a slippery place, and not always in a good way. So there I was innocently (for once) going about my reviewing business, in this case looking up spellings. See I always thought that primeval was spelt primeaval and, I was internet informed, this is a common mis-spelling. Primeval is correct and not, as I concluded lazily, a lazy American spelling of an original Latin word. So why am I so hot and bothered? Well I had the misfortune to try this innocuous activity on a computer recently vacated by my children who had been doing image homework; so the browser was set to that. I did a search on the words of the title and was horrified to see what came up - and glad the kids were not around at the time.

The internet where blindfolds are obligatory... ;)

I came to Cinnabar quite late in the story but both they, and I, have made up for it in the meantime. Over the couple of years I have known their work, they have three Must Haves out of the six tracks I have reviewed - that's a very good average. There again, Cinnabar are a very good band as even the most casual listen will prove and one of the only musicians on Soundclick whose prog-rock tendencies are more than just listenable, they are little jewels of sound. Cinnabar are Gary Judge and Matt Tyson, with the division of labour being Judge (music, production etc) and Tyson (vocals etc) and it works really well. Primeval Love is, I suspect, Gary's solo effort - it sure sounds like it - but that doesn't mean much other than I rate Tyson as singer very highly.

Gary Judge is a very competent and nuanced vocalist but I think even he would admit that his voice isn't the powerhouse Matt Tyson sports but it doesn't do the track any damage. I have compared Cinnabar (the two of them) to the Beach Boys in their prime and if that reference holds true then Gary Judge is making music that today's version of Brian Wilson might recognise. Or he might not, depending on which way he is facing. This is an older Cinnabar track though, not to be confused with their latest sounds. As such, it's definitely worth a listen even if sounding somewhat home produced (especially vocally)

Recommended Adult Contemporary innit...

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