Monday, November 21, 2011

Charlie A - The Prayer Feat Abiodun Koya

Hear The Track Here

In this internet world there are networkers and then there are networkers. know what I mean? Some people seem to make friends (no, not the Facebook kind) everywhere, Charlie Armour is one such uber-networker. Mind you, given that he is in the trade of supplying film soundtracks and the like, he would have to be a pretty keen networker even just to keep his foot in the door. That's the only explanation I can come up with the the seemingly endless array of musicians he has introduced me to over the five years I have known him But wait, didn't I just say 'film soundtrack' and don't I have a fearsome rep for hating such music?

Indeed so, but that's another difference Charlie A brings to the party.

So, here's a new collaboration with a singer unknown to me, Abiodun Koya, a Nigerian born 'lyric soprano ' and apparently 'one of the very few African women who sing opera', it gets more interesting by the minute doesn't it? Or it would IF you were into that genre and I do confess I like some opera but there are many, many people who think it's as bad as film soundtracks. Sooo.... What separates Charlie A's work from all the rest of the wannabes is that the man has an incredibly sure touch with the genres he works in, as is evidenced by the many, many class tracks on his Soundclick page. He has even given me a couple of Must Have tracks and considering my usual hatred of this genre...

The Prayer, musically at least, is a wide genre bender encompassing electronic trance, world music and classical styles (along with the opera) and is - to say the least - aurally stunning. There is no doubt that Abiodun has a beautiful voice but Charlie utilises it to maximum advantage too, and that is also a hallmark of his work. Whether you like the style he is into or not, there is no denying the quality of sound he generates - on every track, time after time. A musician then, to be savoured and this - once you get used to it - is one of his finer moments as far as I am concerned. Absolutely splendid work.

MUST HAVE magical blend.

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