Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Larry Ludwick - My House

Hear The Track Here

Not sure whether Larry Ludwick entered this into the special Critics Corner Halloween competition because My House is principally a ghost story in song or because the competition entries have flooded into me this month (I think I have reviewed three of the compo tracks so far). Larry Ludwick (as well as being a very competent musician and songwriter) is responsible for the most part for the endless competitions (weekly and monthly) that are a high spot for users of the Critics Corner forum on Soundclick and - as such - probably has the same problem as me. People know him more for what he does online than for his musical side and that's a shame.

While his eclectic musical taste is not going to be to everyone's taste, once you have acquired it his music is rich and evocative but its in his lyrics that this musician really shines - at least for me. Like yours truly, Larry is a word man, although I have to say that in reviewing his has me beat hands down. While I witter on about inconsequentials, Larry's reviews are a study in how to review constructively. Musically, it has to be said, Larry prefers a quiet life, well softer certainly. While I wouldn't go so far as call him easy listening, he is calm personified generally, as My House will show you in no uncertain manner.

Lyrically, however, it is far from calm. Like a lot of his material it is essentially a tale of lost love, in this case a man who has died but cannot let go of the house he bought for his wife who had passed away earlier and he couldn't bear to leave it. Larry has a knack for these kind of tales which, from someone else, would have me in a raging fury or foaming at the mouth but Larry always convinces, and that's a rare talent. Liking or disliking what Larry Ludwick does is neither here nor there, that isn't the point. The point is that this is man who can put across poignancy, emotion and drama, all done in that highly distinctive voice that neither speaks nor sings.

Classic Ludwick shock horror. Highly Recommended

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