Sunday, November 27, 2011

Pidgeman - Adrenaline Rush

Hear The Track Here

Couldn't believe my eyes the other day when I was checking out previous Pidgeman reviews, a full thirty tracks of them!! Damn, I thunk, this boy spits 'em out at a prodigious rate. It's a good job then that generally I have a liking for Pidgeman's style and brand of rock music, for sure he's has lots of praise from this quarter and even a couple of Must Haves because he is - first and foremost - a songwriter of some note. He's also been around long enough to know a) how to record and b) how to present his material.

So generally there isn't much to snipe at in the way of sound and/or performance niggles, it's all down to a question of taste. You may notice I used the word generally there a couple of times. Well, there have been moments, as there are with most musicians. Adrenalin Rush is an instrumental and as someone literally drowning in a sea of them it was hard not to groan a little. It was only a little groan though because - having known this musician a good while - I know that the end result will be listenable and enjoyable as it is with most veterans at this game.

Even veterans though are going to struggle to keep anyones attention these days with instrumentals and even when they do get it right - such as this Adrenaline Rush right here - it's appeal is going to be limited, to say the least. I'm fairly sure that Pidgeman doesn't really care much either way, he just puts them out and we listen or not. Mind you, if you don't listen then you will be missing out on a pretty decent instrumental for all that. While it has more than it's fair share of shreddage, it also has structure and style and, surprise, a couple of hooks even. Don't get many of them in instrumentals. There's even a video to watch as you listen...

Recommended guitar instrumental.

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