Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tesselode - Galaxy's Edge

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Almost certainly the last review of this month (Ed: unless I can squeeze another one in) Tesselode is another new name to me from Soundclick and that's very heartening news indeed because I thought I was just being subjected to the Soundclick Old Faithfuls (Ed: yeah, you know who you are). And here I was thinking that Soundclick might have an attack of dead man walking syndrome. So no information whatsoever on who or what makes Tesselode other than USA is their homeland and Electronica is their musical grazing patch. Oh dear, that was the 'E' word wasn't it? Highly toxic to reviewers like me I can tell you, having enjoyed (riiiighhhttt) years of agonised, spotty-faced bleeping...

Kinda makes you give up all hope, know what I mean?

'Not the world's most unusual song' Tesselode helpfully informs us, which might or might not be helpful advice. During the 1990 game explosion I was often knee deep in aliens and wormholes in a Chris Roberts space adventure - Wing Commander - whose soundtrack, I felt, was one of the first to be an effective part of the action. The only problem was in the awful sound of the instruments being used, especially the brass and the triumphant (but totally boring) orchestral sets. The reason I vomit up this bit of mental excreta is because Galaxy's Edge reminds me strongly of that music, except that the sounds being employed here are worlds away from those old Wing Commander games. And therein lies Tesselode's appeal....or not.

Straightforward electronica for sure isn't everyone's favourite musical brand and I freely admit that it isn't mine either, although like most musical styles, if it's done properly with ideas and energy then I'll be up for it. I think the connection I made earlier helped me with this track, at least it made more sense to me in that context. It also shows a clean pair of heels in the 'here's a neat lick' department too, which is an essential element in any successful piece of electronica. So while I wouldn't be tracking this down on my own, I am sure that people who do enjoy space opera (in an electronica sense) will get a lot from it.

Highly Recommended electronic space themes.

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