Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Everyone's A Poet - Subtle My Friend, Subtle

Hear The Track Here

Everyone's a poet, even Nuff X it appears. In case you think I have a reviewing glitch (Ed: oh they know, they know), Everyone's A Poet and Nuff X are one and the same person. Where Nuff has perfected his particular brand of dark, disjointed, glitchy breakbeat and industrial rhythms that have become known (amongst those who know these things) as Nuffcore - and very strange and lively it is too. Everyone's A Poet is Nuff's sideline into the world of Electronic Trip Hop, and by gum he's kept this a deep dark secret for many a year. I'm certain that loads of us Nuff-nutts will have no idea that there was another shade to this musician and I admit to a very piqued interest in hearing it. After all, Nuff is extremely good at the ol' bleepy-bleepy (Ed: he means music of an electronica nature I presume...)

So, fasten your seatbelts, pin back your eyes and keep your eyes skinned (Ed: slow down, slow down) because we are going on (and I quote) ' a moody plod through a dark sound scape' Oh come on, it does too sound exciting!! It's the word 'plod' isn't it? Yeah me too. It does indeed kind of plod, although that's probably the least of its worries. Actually, I think this is one of the most intense pieces of experimental electronica I have heard in a good long while and I struggle mightily to discern what I would call trip hop anywhere within it. There again, if it sounds that I don't like this track, you'd be wrong.

I am intrigued, and uncertain and that's a first - even for Nuff. Now maybe it's because the trip hop that I know tends - on the whole - to be very smooth and even (dare I say it) jazzy and Subtle is nothing like that. It's not subtle either come to think of it, it's like a hard electronic fist in the face while it short circuits your brain. More to the point I was expecting, given the ol' poet and trip hop thing, that this was going to be rap thing and it's as far from that as it can get. No rap whatsoever, for a start. So, if you want a tasty piece of electronic wtf-ry this should be right up your street, I certainly found it so once I had got over the shock and awe - but I would because it is Nuff after all...

Highly Recommended wtf


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