Sunday, November 27, 2011

Pilesar - Melon Balls

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If any other geezer had sidled up to me and whispered melon balls in my ear, I would have wiped the floor with them. A person has certain standards doncha know and one of them is not talking balls with men. No wait, that's not right because men are always talking balls anyway - at least according to all the women I know. Wait! How in beejeesus did we get there?? Aaaahhh, Pilesar! he has that effect on me - and others - at least the people who have experienced his music. I use the word experienced because, no matter what else, it's an experience you are not likely to find anywhere else.

Melon Balls isn't a new track, and it isn't a strictly Pilesar track but in fact comes from his old Quagmire band (circa 2008) which featured: Pilesar: drums, vocals, Corpsefinger: sax, Logan Rainard: bass, vocals and Jason Tremblay: guitar. If I remember correctly he has worked with Corpsefinger before, after all it's not a name you are likely to forget is it? Anyway regular readers with long exposure to this musician (and his cohort) will be girding themselves for the experience so if experimental music is not for you, zip straight to the end where things kinda/sorta fall into a rock stylee that will be familiar to almost anyone. The rest of it (ie 90% of the song) is anyone's guess.

This is always the way with Pilesar's music, definitely a love or hate thing and I definitely fall into the former category and have done ever since I first came across him way back when. For those familiar with his work, Melon Balls (in sound and tone) harks back to that earlier - much more chaotic - musical style that first endeared him to many of us. I am not one to quote lyrics in reviews because I think that's kind of lazy but then there are times when the lyric itself makes it irresistible. So, here's the entire first verse... 'I got balls the size of melons, (Melon balls! Melon Balls! Melon Balls!), All my friends say they're not jealous, I can't say that I believe them, Well me and my melon balls don't need them( Melon balls! Melon Balls! Melon Balls! Melon balls! Melon Balls! Melon Balls!). As you can see, probably something to avoid if you feel in any way nervous or apprehensive.

Highly Recommended (Zappa-ish) experimental

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