Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Rustik - Bad Guy

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One of the finer exponents of indie hip hop on Soundclick, Rustik has scored a pretty impressive rep among those who know of his work. Over the space of a dozen or so tracks, he has certainly proved his worth to me and even given me a couple of Tracks Of The Year into the bargain. Yeah, that good. As you know, I do like hip hop but I absolutely despise the tawdry commercial aspect of the genre and there is a very thin line between right and wrong - at least for me. While Rustik has wandered into some areas of the commercial side, he's always been able to keep it as real as I like it. Going through his back catalog will show that he can back these words up but, as ever, what has he come up with this time??

******* awesome kick sound is my first thought, but I've always been a bit of a nerd like that. Mind you when you are dealing with a genre where bass and drums play a major part, individual drums sounds are ultra important. I've never been into this 'dirty' drum sound that prevails in so much hip hop, I like to hear the actual instrument, not some noise that represents it. OMG, I went off on one, didn't it? Sorry, I'll drop the nerd sad act now before I live to regret it. Bad Guy is pretty close to what I would consider true hip hop sound in every way, and energy-wise it's off the hook.

There again, that's always been a feature of Rustik's style and one of the reasons he has gathered enough listeners to make it worthwhile and while I am not exactly sold on the track, it's nothing for Rustik to worry about, just a personal thing. I noticed that this is billed as New School Hip Hop and yes, it's been Auto-tuned and I suspect that has a lot to do with my ambivalence towards it. It's a sight more original than a great many track you will hear of its type and that is enough to make sure it has a worthy place in any self respecting Rustik fan's favourites.

Highly Recommended hip hop (new school apparently)

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