Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Strange Talk - Climbing Walls

Hear The Track Here

First track out of the review bag this not-so-sunny November day is not an a track, it's a video. Kinda/sorta. Anyway, when I first got the request (months ago as always) I was exhorted by a band member to check out the 'interactive video' and suffice to say I didn't do that BUT if I had have done, I might have won prizes!! Damn, why can't I ever read the small print/manuals (Female Ed: because you are a man and hard wired not to read instructions). The interactive part of the video being sponsored by Cheer (a washing detergent) which make me think we should ALL get sponsored but ignore that, it's just a passing thought. Besides, we are only here for the music, right?

OK, which clown said no??

Strange Talk appear to be a four piece Australian band (or at least they have the accent) and - surprise, surprise - a new name to me. So, as it happens is the Cheer detergent but enough of that considering I didn't get any sponsorship from it. Over the past year or so I have reviewed more than a few videos but - in all honesty - the production quality on this blows away any indie outfit I have seen. Which means that, given the detergent connection, we are looking at a high priced commercial product - broadcast quality video and, as an aside, a very, very good pop song. OK, I guess I'd better qualify this a bit. I was so blown away by the video and song it took me a while to realise I was grooving away on something that -stylistically at least - could have come from Stock, Aitkin and Waterman and that goes for the video too.

If I hadn't already made the washing powder (not for snorting obviously) connection, the video would have provided me with endless clues, bright, colourful and perkier than Kylie's butt. If this was X Factor these guys would ace it. Good job the video and song is a million miles above the dreck from that dreadful show and - despite me not really liking the genre - this is a superb track and video. Now I couldn't leave it at that. My curiosity was piqued, wasn't it and it is not to be denied. So I checked out whether this SAW feel was a part of the overall sound and Sexual Lifestyle shows the answer is yes. It's as well produced and turned out as Climbing Walls. Definitely a band worth checking out.....soooooo.......off you go......


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