Friday, November 18, 2011

333maxwell - Takin' The Trolley

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You know with some people, even a word can be like a loaded gun. Take, for example, Chas Holman (aka the Max) whose use of the word 'just' is a veritable minefield of understatement. So, let's 'just' recap to see where all this comes from... 333maxwell has been around Soundclick and elsewhere long enough to gather some tawdry, and no doubt totally tasteless, fawning from this reviewer along with Must Haves in the double digits and an Artist Of The Year 2009 bauble into the bargain. So when he says that Takin' The Trolley is 'just some probably unfinished toodlin...' I've found it best to nod wisely and go riiiiiiiiiiggghhhhtttt, all the while muttering under your breath that nobody, but nobody could be this relentless.

333maxwell, him productive mofo sure as ****

My own personal preferred state of 333maxwell arousal has to be when he is on a jazz tip, and the earlier the period the better. Chas has an uncanny knack of getting exactly the right feel in this genre, his recreation skills are second to none and I'd back that statement up all the way. Unfinished toodling it may be but its in a class of its own regardless of its state. This guys 'just' is something to be rightly in awe of. Now, I know for a fact that young Holman is an aw shucks kinda guy who thinks that people like me say these things because we all want to be loved innit?? **** that, I say, I say these things because that's what I think, no matter how many aw shucks you get in a pound.

At this stage of the game there is no doubt that 333maxwell has developed a distinctive and recognisable jazz back catalog, most of which has a permanent home on my hard drive, and this is going to sit nicely with them. Some of his best jazz tracks have dated from the 1940's and 50's in feel and tone and so does - in some ways - Takin' The Trolley. However, give this a steady hearing, and you'll start to hear echoes of a much earlier period, the 1920's in its blue phase. That, ladles and germs, is what singles this musician out for me time and time again, that ability to 'just' hit it right every time. 'Just' makes you sick I tells ya...

MUST HAVE (and no 'just' about it)

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