Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Whitman Speck - You Can't See Me

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Hardcore/horrorcore/sadistic rap is certainly part of the hip hop soundscape and I've heard my fair share of it, gaining a pretty high level of tolerance towards it along the way I suspect. One of the people making sure I don't lose that tolerance is London's own extreme hardcore as practised by Whitman Speck. Whitman who? you ask... Well, that name is a big can of consequences which I have already spilled and do not want to go there again. Do your own research for a change. Fact is, if you are going to do material that is offensive in almost every single way you can think of, you'd better sound like you mean it.

Whitman Speck does that and, in the process, scares the crap out of me. These are not songs you can enjoy, even though the music is ALWAYS kicking in his tracks but considering the outrageousness of his lyrical flow, with the profanity that also flows along with it colouring the whole thing a vivid blue. Almost anything Whitman Speck does so rightly deserves the Parental Advisory that is automatically slapped on it and - for that reason - there are going to be lots of people who wouldn't consider listening to something that stamps on...well....everything.

'I'm full of anger and bitterness' he raps and you'd better ******* believe he means every word as this self avowed lover of 'murder and mayhem' slaughters everyone around him with gleeful abandon which - going by his track record - is pretty much what fans would expect. It's true, this guys conjures up such lurid visions but to my ears, he may have even outdone himself on this track; anger and bitterness overflows into a tirade of epic proportions with some very disturbing lyrical images. Certainly one of his hardest tracks yet lyrically, and this from the guy who gave us the anthem of necrophilia, Dead or Alive (February 2009) and King Of The Sickos (February 2011). Don't say I didn't warn you but you know I'd like it. Hardcore rap not for the squeamish.

Highly Recommended horror.

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