Saturday, April 30, 2011

Love, But Louder - Nothing

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Just when I thought I had got through the month without a dose of the Billingtons, along it comes - but in a slightly different guise. I speak, of course, of one Howard Billington, Soundclick stalwart, songwriter, musician and all round funny fellow. He is, as we know, a man of many guises and Love, But Louder is yet another side project, this time with a more electronica slant than the usual rock-pop we have become used to from this source. A distinct change from my obsession with the Smoke It 'n' Die (yet another side yadda yadda) Take Your Shot video which I seem to have become inordinately fond of and is well on its way to being a track of the year and its only April...

So, whats new, nu?

Howard Billington is my kind of songwriter, subtle yet easy to access, his songs always carry a punch that grabs the listeners attention. Although the electronic sound and feel of Nothing is kind of odd to my ears, the fact that we are dealing with a Howard Billington song in that same sound and feel is extremely familiar. In short, if you like his other output (whatever the name he is using), then you are going to love this too. Shows too that Howard can turn his hand to a lot of genres with ease, yet still maintain his own sound and style. As I say, my kind of musician.

You'd need to go back to the late 1980's to find the inspiration for this track, an electro-pop classic that never was. The write up on the band intimated that this was a collaboration of some kind, with Howard playing a part, but I have become so used to his style that I wouldn't put it past him to be doing the old one man band trick. Whatever, it does sound as good as it gets with an energetic performance from Howard, and shows once again what a class pop songwriter he is.

MUST HAVE Billington Electro-pop

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