Thursday, April 14, 2011

Those Among Us - The Final Hour

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Our history is a bit of a spicy curry, it keeps coming back to haunt you. Take, for example, Those Among Us whose John Brandon and Ritchie Allen were once known as Silvertrain and were the golden boys there for a while. Since then, John Brandon has sprouted like a musical hydra in as many different directions as he can manage for one man from Christchurch. More to the point I think this track originated with Ritchie and has since been taken over by John, aided by Lino Gonzalez and Steven 'Mez' Mesropian who, collectively make up Those Among Us. I'm not sure that Ritchie is actually a part of the band. There again, I thought that a lot about Silvertrain too so I guess nothing has changed. What has changed, however, is the music.

Both the A Chance To Die (August 2010) Disco Ball (February 2011) EP's have been a revelation, and have shown that Those Among Us are a band to be taken seriously - especially if you like rock with a melodic content. Having said that Lino Gonzalez plays a big part in the track and it's his electronica that first grabs you, although that soon gives way to the meat and potatoes of these guys - great songwriting. That isn't to denigrate in any way the performance or production, they are their usual high standard and maybe in some ways even better than normal, although I can't tell whether that effect is because of the song, or the effort they put into it.

Way back in the mists of Soundclick time, I latched on to the fact that Ritchie Allen and John Brandon were songwriters of the old school, and that has been proved time and again over the years since - albeit in a manner of different guises. The Final Hour is a classic example of just how good they can be, a rock song that has depth, interest and a banging, singa-longa chorus type thingie that had me bouncing off the walls from the get go. There again, I do like rock that has a definitive poppy bent and John Brandon has been very adept at supplying that and - with Those Among Us - I think he's finally found a creative home.

MUST HAVE rock anthem.

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