Monday, April 25, 2011

Weylin's Slayer Orchestra - Dead World

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Although we stumbled a couple of times, the last Weylin's Slayer Orchestra track definitely helped in my opinion of this musician who - I freely admit - didn't really get at the beginning. Shoot though, most of this stuff isn't aimed at old farts like me so I suspect my opinion in nothing to really worry about. Now the question is can he do it again with Dead World - a suitably apt, dark subject. Thinking about it, I guess my problem with Weylin's Slayer Orchestra has been in the labelling. Now I know it's not fair to judge someone by a label but that is what they are there for, after all. To help us decide whether we want to listen or not. Take Dead World, for example. It's billed as Power Metal and granted it's got some poke when needed, but to me this is nothing like the description.

It's power complement comes from the rock guitar that is the mainstay of the track and, despite some noodling, is pretty good as a pure instrumental although there were marked flaws that definitely didn't endear the track to me. Chief among those has to be the drum track which worked in most sections but fell apart completely as soon as a fill happened or - worse - a kick drum that triggered on every-single-beat. While it might have helped in certain tracks, IMHO it definitely didn't in this one. I suspect it is some kind of machine drum thing though, so that is forgivable, we all deal with our recording limitations.

So, in this world of twenty four trillion instrumentals, what does Dead World have to offer? Welp, the drums notwithstanding, the musical content is well decent showing that underneath all this is a good guitarist, at least on this level. That is something I got from his other tracks though, and for me this track didn't do much, or at least didn't impress me as much as Endless Night (March 2011) did. As I said back at the beginning, this isn't aimed at someone like me, and for fans of a certain rock kind this will go down well. Extremely abrupt ending though, also something that signifies home production.

Recommended for the music at least. Drums? Meeehhhhh

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