Saturday, April 30, 2011

JCH (UK) - Nightmares

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James Crosbie Hancox (or JCH innit) isn't just from the UK, he's from one of the most musical cities in these beleaguered islands, Liverpool. Not that geographic locale is going to save anybody from the Wrath of Gilmore but to people of a certain age to say you are a musician from Liverpool is going to carry a certain resonance. Moreover, I am glad to say, I've always found that James (and his JCH alter ego) are carrying on that fine tradition. Having got a few tracks and one complete album down my critical gullet, this is one musician who is not going to disappoint, even grabbing a Track Of The Year 2010 with the quite unique Painting By Numbers project.

So, having said all those nice things about him, how does he repay me?

Gives me a track that is effectively a ballad is what. You would not think, looking at this cool and calm exterior (Ed: riiiight), that I can get aereated about anything but ballads have never been, nor will ever be one of my strong points. I 'ates 'em I tell you. So, has the lucky Liverpudlian managed to fall in the dirt like the rest of his peers with this appalling blunder? Fat ******* chance, know what I mean? You wouldn't know if you haven't heard this musicians songs, but even his ballads are going to offer more than most peoples, and as an arranger/songwriter James is up there with the best of them.

Therefore it would be dishonest of me to say that I actually liked Nightmares even though it wasn't in any way 'I want my mommy' scary, as nightmares are prone to be. OK, sure it's a ballad and that's nightmare enough for me but if I had to listen to one, this would certainly fit the bill. It has a extremely slight country and western feel that I think helps it to creep into your mind, it's very familiarity like a warm blanket on a cold night. As always, James delivers technically and artistically although, again if I'm really honest, the vocal didn't really do it for me but not because of anything James was doing - just a style thing. Still that's small change and a personal opinion (on the whole ballad thing). Anyone who does happens to be crazy enough to like a good, well performed Alternative ballad, start forming a queue right here.

Highly Recommended Alternative ballad.

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