Saturday, April 30, 2011

Mike B is for Byj - Crybaby

Hear The Track Here

Its no good looking at me for explanations, I have no idea what this bandname means but maybe you will get an explanation from the musician himself - stranger things have happened. Mike B is for Byj is a completely new name to me from Soundclick who appears to be a Canadian one man band (Ed: ooh, there's a novelty). Best, I think, that you don't make the same mistake as I did by (inadvertently obviously) reading part of the lyric beforehand. Imagine, if you will, that sinking pit of fear that seized me when seeing the lines 'my feelings are hurt, I desire everyone to see' and 'You make me a crybaby' that come as standard with this song. How does that make you feel? I know how it made me feel and I can sum it up real quickly...

Aaaahhh, boo - ******* - hoo.

Too much introspection (that's navel gazing in the real world) is not good for a growing boy and certainly not for the master of assumption because - as you can imagine - by the time I actually got to listen to this track I had built up a fair head of prejudicial steam. The sheer quality of the song and the track soon quelled those fears though, and all told I found this a very commendable track - in a navel-gazing kind of way. I have empathy for such feelings, I just seem to have misplaced it in my old age, and I have a low tolerance for people telling me how crap their lives are while surrounded on all sides by the beauties of life.

Crybaby is essentially a fairly standard acoustic, soft pop rock song that has been made popular by band such as Coldplay, Snow Patrol and their ilk. On that level, it is good enough to do very well indeed. It's a terrific song, and the performance and production show that although his name might be new to me, he has been making music for some considerable time and devotes time and effort to get it right. Besides anyone who uses an accordion (real or virtual) in a track AND sports a pic of Johnny Depp when he was young and pretty can't be wronged. You will need to like the softer side of rock, and the requisite navel-gazing ability, to really appreciate this fully but anyone who appreciates modern songwriters will find something to like in this track.

Highly Recommended soft rock song.

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