Friday, April 22, 2011

Pilesar - Liquid System Revealed

Hear The Track Here

If Wife Stink, Melon Balls, Dog Water and Itchy Carrots sounds to you like some dodgy nouvelle cuisine, then your life has not been blessed (or cursed depending on viewpoint), by the knowledge of the man who would be Pilesar. Personally, I suffer from too much knowledge of Pilesar which is why I shake constantly and gibber nonsense when faced with his mighty works (Ed: oh I say!!) Speaking of which, here's yet another mighty work but lo, the P Man is not alone. He's roped in some unsuspecting bystander by the name of Gary Rouzer to sing a duet with him. What? What?? Look I KNOW it sounds completely insane but let's just remember who we are dealing with here, if he says it is so, it is so...

It is written (somewhere)...

I am a die-hard fan of Pilesar and have been ever since I first met him many years ago, although I do understand many people's reticence about his more out-there work but hey he's kept me amused/bewildered/catatonic for all that time and that's a hard thing to do, especially if you are really experimental. Pilesar is a master of experimental with a degree in advanced wtf-ery, although he's also been known to turn out some equally convincing work in other genres. So if you were expecting something along the lines of two geezers harmonising together in the manner of (say) The Everly Brothers then for ****s sake think again.

Gary Rouzer is obviously as mad as a box of frogs, an exemplary partner to the chaos evoked whenever Pilesar is around, although being a mighty work it takes some work to really get into it. OK, what I really mean to say is that other side of this track driving you (and your animals) insane, is an appreciation of just how much rhythm and pace mean to this musician and when he says he uses anything to make music with, you'd better believe that too. Oh, and don't listen to this if you think you may need the bathroom because by the time it ends, you certainly will - although that could be an old man/running water problem (Ed: waaaaaay too much information)

Insidious, bewildering. Aaaaahhh, that'll be Pilesar. Highly Recommended WTF

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