Friday, April 22, 2011

Rustik - Evil

Hear The Track Here

When I am not hammering down all these squiggly lines (Ed: it's called writing Gilmore...), I do live a normal life, or at least as close to normal as possible in a world like this one. Not that I know any other, mind. I believe that most of humanity is basically the same as me, except not as ****** in the head, but certainly as far as the nature of evil goes. Google's mission statement is a fact of life to billions of people around the planet without it being said, although now that they have purloined it, it debases the whole concept.

Obviously this track has put me in this frame of mind but that is something Rustik has done more than once. As much as Soundclick has many dime-a-dozen rappers, there aren't that many that are truly different, but Rustik is one of the more adventurous of the current crop. Time and again this musician has delivered class slices of modern, intelligent hip hop, flavoured with a great many musical influences and that is why he has already got some very high praise from me and other reviewers. Work like this does get noticed and passed around.

Funny thing is that this is a hip hop version of a ballad, and you know how they get my hater instincts flaring. It's the way the whole thing is put together that really saves it for me, and is a hallmark of just how innovative Rustik can be. Everything that you hear comes from him (I assume) and given that he's delivered track after track just like this, the man definitely has his chops down. Evil will go down well with the ladies though, although it doesn't cast them in a very nice light. Musically, this is one of the most interesting tracks I have heard from him and I can only look forward to more.

MUST HAVE hip hop ballad (yep!)

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