Sunday, April 24, 2011

PreOKL - Combak

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Hang around any place for any length of time and you are going to start to notice the comings and goings. I've been part of the Soundclick landscape for so long now, I have got used to history repeating itself. For those regulars who are right now puzzling about where they have seen this name before, the clue is in the OKL part. When I first met the Christian rock duo known as One Kid's Lunch, I couldn't have been more surprised. First they were songwriters of considerable talent, they had a wicked (and I mean that in the nicest way) sense of humour, all of which they poured into the music they made. My first review - There's More (May 2006) - couldn't have said it plainer and for a couple of years there I was a very happy bunny.

And this is Christian rock we are talking about....

Anyway, OKL Dave pops up this month completely out of the blue and requests a review for this track. So, if going back in time to those heady days is not enough, this is from even further back. It isn't the first time I've reviewed this earlier material either. I reviewed Something Green (Insurance Policy) (January 2007) and liked it for it's style although the One Kid's Lunch material cast a long shadow at that point. Seeing as this is the first time I've seen him since forever, and the last One Kid's Lunch track was back in 2008, I was well pumped up for this one -as old as it might be.

The one thing Dustin Runyan and Dave Stewart (aka pre and post OKL) could always be relied on to supply in vast amounts is good old fashioned fun. Haven't heard a track from these guys that didn't bring a big smile to my face, and this is no exception. Even in their OKL guise these guys are very, very sharp wordsmiths, turning out lyrical and musical gags like some crazed standup comedian. It's the lyrics, however, that are always the ultimate prize for me. When was the last time you heard an out-and-out pop song (this one) with a line that went 'Remember when you caught me trying on your underwear one Saturday?' or, 'Remember how you'd look at me the mornings after I had wet the bed?' Do yourself a favour, have a good old belly laugh with this odd little track.

Combak? Please. Highly Recommended F-U-N.

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