Monday, April 25, 2011

Alchemystic - You Pay (Argle Remix)

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Alchemystic has long been a favourite electronic musician of mine, ever since I first met him with Sands Of Time (May 2005), a track that established early on that here was a musician who knew how to keep your interest, no matter how jaded your palate. Since then he's managed to keep up a steady stream of excellent tracks , gaining himself shedloads of fans and a string of Must Have's from yours truly. However, on this track we get two terrific musicians for the price of one because You Pay is a Alchemystic remix of an original track by another of my favourite Soundclick artists - Rude Corps. Although there is usually clear water between their different styles, this remix sounds surprisingly cohesive - a nice combination of Alchemystic muscle grafted onto an already wonderful original.

Therein, as the saying goes, lies the rub.

See, when I say I like these musicians, you should take it seriously and both - in their own ways - are a bit special. Having said that, you might say that there isn't much that is different about the two versions, and that would carry some weight. The fact is that I absolutely love Rude Corps gobbing off in revolutionary style, and the original You Pay is a classic example of this particular side of his musical character, Essentially a history lesson and a political polemic all rolled into one, the original You Pay became one of my favourite Rude Corps tracks and I admit I was surprised to hear about this remix. I do urge you to listen to the original, if not for the content then for the slumbering, lumbering rhythm which is a delight to the ears.

Alchemystic toughens the whole thing up, gives it a hard-edged drum and bass feel but - thank God - didn't really interfere with the essential core of the song which is exactly as it should be. With a tune like this, you'd be hard pressed to come up with something that was as different, or powerful as the original. What Alchemystic has done is to beef up the musical heat enough so that it competes with the fire in the lyric, and that's not a bad thing. The real truth is that I am in thrall to the original and as much as I enjoyed this version of it, it will still be the original I go back to. Anyway...

MUST HAVE electronica on both counts.

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