Sunday, April 17, 2011

National Snack - Hoodwinked

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Although I wander around dear ol' London town looking like a bag of **** tied with string, I do actually notice and admire fashion, and obviously the more female the better. I may be classed as an old man but I am not dead yet, and while I have breath in my body and eyes to see, those eyes will always glom onto what people are wearing. Well, not people, just women if I were being really honest. I've always been like it, but I do understand how weird that is. I even get odd looks from the female friends I have when I comment about this dress or that bag or those pair of shoes... Why are you looking at me like that? I'm 'fessing up here (Ed: and that's probably the reason Gilmore, way, way too much information) Although, like music which I also love, fashion can be a hard mistress (at least in a commercial sense). Like all the glamour industries it is a dog eat dog world.

Nothing glamorous about blood and guts...

This is pretty much the thrust of both the track, and video of Hoodwinked from London's own National Snack. You may remember me reviewing their Apply Machine EP (December 2008) and My Head Hurts (November 2009) and nice and punky it was too. I do like that rough, very London sound and National Snack do it to it exactly as required. Gemma Storr and Joe Carlo (collectively National Snack) contacted me with the video link and I was so impressed by it I begged the MP3 version, and believe me I don't do that often enough. Actually either the MP3 or the video will do the trick but obviously the video makes the point better. The point being contained within two words: **** fashion.

The video starts with the quote 'Fashion is something so ugly it has to be changed every fifteen minutes' and proceeds to maul the industry in a excellent black and white video that pelts your eyes with some startling images culled from the fashion world. Right around the middle, you start to see another picture, of the sweatshops and the young workers often forced into working all hours for very little - and all to make a 'fashion statement'. Personally, I was struck immediately by the immediacy (and savagery towards the industry) of this track and couldn't wait for the review to be written. I don't have that many videos on my own You Tube channel but this is certainly going there.

MUST HAVE fashion statement (with intent)

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