Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Twiggy Frostbite - Written Within

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Over the last few years I have been very impressed by the general very high level of netlabel releases, as good as any other record label in terms of getting the product to market (Ed: oh God, he's been at the music mogul pills again!) and in some ways better. There is a long list of them somewhere because this is the internet, where you can find a list of everything. Anyway, Carl-Marcus Gidlöf and Despotz Records have been a source of good sounds before. You may remember The Deer Tracks and 127SexFrya (March 2009), a very noticeable track indeed. One of the reasons for that was vocalist Elin Lindfors, who now appears to be part of Twiggy Frostbite; a trio of lovely Swedish ladies with a marked fondness for dogs.. But hey, they are lovely, so let's not think about the dog thing OK?

Elin Lindfors, AnnaKarin Berglund and Emma Sjöberg (to complete the lineup) present Written Within and, to my ears, do not disappoint because I do like a difference in music and this track is definitely that. It's initial impact wasn't I admit, that easy. It had me in the old huh? huh? grip for a while there while - I guess - my ears got used to what they were hearing. As simple as it first seems, Written Within is a powerfully building slow burner and it will probably take some time to get used to but it is certainly well worth the effort. In my own defence I have to state that this is - technically - a ballad and you know what they do to my constitution. Thank your lucky stars that Twiggy Frostbite are around to remind you how effective one of the damned things are when done with heart and soul.

Actually, heart, soul and a teeny, weeny bit of off-the-wall zaniness but intelligent, emotive music that still manages to come across as something you would notice had it been playing on the radio. One of those 'oooh what's that?' moments. Call me lazy for such an easy reference but obviously a subtle hint of Bjork going on in here, and while I can take that in small doses - bit like ballads - there is a point where it works against you. It's a mark of how sharp their focus is that, once the track grabs you, you remain got. It's only when you've heard it a great many times do you really start to appreciate how finely this is crafted, and what a powerful song it is. Looking forward to more of this, oh yeaahhh....

Highly Recommended Indie.

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