Thursday, April 21, 2011

Daniel Berges & The Windsurfers - She Is A Nuclear Bomb

Hear The Track Here

The average wait time for a review requested through the Rebel Riffs review blog is now some six weeks which means that poor ol' Dan Berges has been waiting for a good while to see his work crucified (Ed: he's joking.....I think). I'm sorry, did I say crucified there? I did, of course, mean critically acclaimed, and I am not sure the Roman barbarism came into the plot and whats more I'm certain neither you or I wants to know. So, with all that loitering going on, it's nice he doesn't have to wait alone because Dan has a band (The Windersurfers) and there are a few of them. Daniel Berges, Maria Montilla, Linnea Eriksson, Dylan Coleman, Ignacio Rivas and Philip Hundhausen to name all the culprits and they are a rock band from Boston, MA - home of a great many fine musicians.

Now when Dan writes 'Realizing he needed two really hot rocking chicks to sing his songs, he found the best Windsurfing girls in the US' you can be sure I will respond because - as you know - I have a thing about female singers (and no, it's not that thing). Maria Montilla and Linnea Eriksson are the ladies in question, although it seems only one of them is really active on She Is A Nuclear Bomb whose musical pedigree has to stretch all the way back through the Pretenders, the B-52's and then right back to the early hippie bands of San Francisco and Southern California, primarily Jefferson Airplane, although whoever is singing this has a much more modern sound.

It's partly the music that gives this impression because if there is anything deserving of the title classic rock, this would be it. Tell you the truth, I wasn't much impressed with the track at first, although once I realised that Drop By Drop (the CD this is from) contains track after track in this style I definitely warmed up to it more. The best thing I can say at this point is that if you like this track, it's a given that you will hoover up the rest of the tracks. Moroever, if you like the sound of classic rock a la the original Summer of Love stylee the album will have you dropping tabs before you can say 'Owsley'. As retro as they come then, and proud of it too - and rightly so judged on that perspective.

Highly Recommended classic rock (hint: try the album)

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