Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Charlie A - Toy Run Video

Hear The Track Here

It's a good job that Charlie A is a mate, otherwise I doubt that I would really be reviewing a video. I know I have included them in reviews before ranging from the sultry Inessa Lee to Kappa Danielson, and many others but I generally avoid them because I am a music reviewer after all. Videos can only illustrate the track, without the track there is nothing. As someone who loves the English language, I am extremely particular about the words I use, and the way I use them. Whenever I refer to someone I am reviewing I usually say artist because I think that word covers what we do quite nicely.

I wouldn't, however, call most artists composers because there are very few who I feel actually compose music in the time honoured fashion. Charlie A does though and that is why I refer to him as a composer (as in film/tv/short soundtracks) with no hesitation and his soundtrack work proves it out. Which is why I spent ages watching Toy Run, nothing to do with the fact that as soon as I put it on my kids become consumed by it. To the point where I can't enter the room without it being on a computer somewhere. There again, I guess that is where this short animated movie is aimed and - on that level - this is very good indeed.

Charlie Amour (for it is he) has proved time and time again that he has a musical touch just right for film/video, not to mention the endless raves of his stand alone music tracks, Mind you, as the The Aswang Phenomenon soundtrack proves, composing scores is where this guys main strengths lie. For me good soundtracks amplify and enhance what is going on in the scene, not as a musical background (which is the general usage these days) and Charlie's score for this short is a great example of what the genre can really do. So the burning question for me was did Charlie write all of this, including the concluding music? If so, that's an incredible bit of music there young Chas...

Highly Recommended cruelty to clay...

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