Sunday, April 24, 2011

Refrag - Nothing To See Here

Hear The Track Here

Discussing my reviews with friends I am often asked what is the strangest Soundclick music I have ever reviewed and you may instantly be thinking of the likes of Pilesar, Guanoman, drt or many others... However, my own pick goes way, way back and is one of the first musicians I reviewed when I first started reviewing on there (2002 or thereabouts). So let me tell you the tale of one Desmond Murphy, the son of Irish parents growing up in a West Indian area who soaked up both musical cultures while doing so. He moved to New Zealand, got married, had children and got a computer and lo, Refrag was born. 'I like music that does not sound like anything you heard before' he says, and I can only second that.

There are precious few musicians out there in this massive scene of ours who can truly be called different, and that has been the sole, defining quality of Refrag's entire output. Music that you most definitely will not have heard before. Back in 2003-4, both Refrag and the much missed Burp, were the bright eyed experimentalists in my book, with Refrag just slightly ahead on the out-there stakes, although both have them had an intense love affair with rhythms and their uses. Over the years, Refrag has polished this style until it sounds - to me anyway - an entirely natural thing. OK, I admit that to others it might sound like a herd of squalling cats but hey, they know not Refrag and brain-re-arrangement.

Having said that Nothing To See Here is a classic slice of what Refrag is all about. So if you find yourself liking this, as you well might if you like a bit of a challenge, don't stop at this one. There are over eighty songs on his Soundclick page and you'd be hard pressed to find a duff one. There is no doubt that Soundclick veterans have to learn their craft well, it's a tough audience and Refrag has had many years to perfect this style, and - should we have any lingering doubts - Nothing To See Here does it with class and style. Refrag comments that it's 'more like two tracks' but I think he's being conservative on that count... Damn, I love this...

Inspirational. MUST HAVE musical mayhem.

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