Thursday, April 21, 2011

Larry Ludwick - Farewell - A Poem

Hear The Track Here

Third one and out for Larry Ludwick this bumper review month he's been having (Ed: mmmmmmm). I don't think any other artist has ever managed this feat unless I did it myself. Now the only reason Larry got this dubious honour is because he is a prime networker; a sterling example of the breed even. Not only does the man run the monthly Soundclick Critics Corner Competition (with real prizes folks!!), he also manages to collaborate with all and sundry. All and sundry - not a band name after all - being anyone who he can schmooze into his nefarious schemes and so far this month he's managed it with The Dead Company and Densyl and, I add grudgingly, managed it well too.

Farewell - A Poem is exactly that, a farewell to Evelyn Theologia Ludwick (1920-2011) in one of Larry's inimitable tone poems and for me, this is the Larry I know best and - if I were honest - prefer. I know I bitch and moan constantly about the slower side of music but there are places where it is apt, and if anyone has the right to such musical stateliness it'll be our man in the Corner. This is something he has proved time and again in his more traditional classical pieces but more so in his electronic work and this track is a neat combination of both.

Grand flowing themes, an arrangement that has more twists and turns than a rejected pretzel and a (well deserved) reliance on the flow of the piece show that Larry pours his heart and soul into his own work, and - had I known Evelyn Theologia Ludwick - I have no doubt she would be very moved by this tribute. I certainly was and I am a cynic of long standing but some emotions come through loud and clear, yet another trait Mr Ludwick is rightly getting well known for. While it is certain that Old Sombresides is not going to appeal to that self same all and sundry we were discussing earlier, I've definitely got a taste for what he does so well.

Highly Recommended tone poem.

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