Saturday, April 16, 2011

Lera Lynn - Have You Met Lera Lynn CD

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One of the major benefits of the Rebel Riffs blog is that it exposes me to a HUGE range of music that even a site as big as Soundclick just doesn't encompass - or at least the Soundclick I know. I get to hear rough as razors material, and I get to hear beautifully performed and produced, just like Soundclick but the sheer range of material is so much more fulfilling. Regular readers may recall me saying pretty much the same when I reviewed my first track from Lera Lynn. Let's face it, I never would have heard anything from this singer in the conventional website based way, and I am certainly the better for it. Bobby, Baby (November 2010) was the track in question and it prompted me to comment that her forthcoming CD, of which Bobby, Baby is a part would definitely be worth watching out for.

and lo, fairy godmothers have nothing on me.... ;)

Funny thing, I would have probably formed a totally different impression of her if I had heard (say) Whiskey. I commented on Bobby, Baby that I liked it because it was more Americana than country and western which has never been one of my musical hotspots. Whiskey. on the other hand is absolutely country and western but of the bleary-eyed variety and features some fine country slide playing alongside enough liquor talk to salt the air. Happy Ever After is yet another side of this very versatile singer and songwriter, displaying an idiomatic pop sensibility that is every bit as authentic as her country and western stance. For my money, this is one of the real highlights of the CD for me, great ideas and a lot of fun. If you hadn't already noticed how talented she is, then Fire and Undertow (my other fave) shows what she is really capable of and boy, feel them neck hairs rise. I love this style of song and Lera's voice fits it like a glove.

There is no information on who the musicians are on these excellent tracks but whoever they are, they deserve recognition because the performance of these songs is faultless - as good as anything out there in the real world. What really seals the deal is Lera's capacity for strong songwriting and her ability to fit it to a number of different styles but I have to say my favourites are when she smoulders.... Bbbbrrrrrrr. Again it is worth noting that, because of it's c&w connotations, this musician could be overlooked by those who are not into the genre, and that would be a real shame because Lera Lynn manages to embrace a clutch of moods and pass them on to us as music. A class act, delivered in a very professional manner by all concerned.

Highly Recommended country/pop hybrid.

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