Friday, August 27, 2010

Zebrabook - Curled Up In A Ball

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For most people that have experienced the work of Zebrabook (actually Zebrabookmusic but hey, I'm lazy), this title may well remind you of the position you were in the last time you heard them. Mind you, behind that seemingly innocent facade lies the Dr Moriarty of the unsigned, nay unsigned experimental, world. A crafty cove who goes by the name of Jon Bushaway - a name that also calls up images of dead companies but best not to poke at that particular scab, sceptecemia is not an option OK, I have way too much to do. (Ed: like this review, now stop waffling and crack on). Needless to say, listening to Zebrabook music isn't a light, breezy walk in the park, more like a increasingly darkening forest, lowering at you with the utmost menace.

Since Jon Bushaway moved all his baggage onto Soundclick some time ago, I have slowly but surely built up a liking (or tolerance) for what he's doing with Zebrabook although it has to be said that nothing Jon involves himself in is going to be easy listening. Whatever name he goes under, I have found him one of the most challenging musicians I have ever reviewed - and I've seen some doozies, believe me. Not to mention that I have no link whatsoever for this particular track, so I presume he'll be along to explain how you will get it. There again, would you want it? Let's test... I understand that I have a strong musical stomach and that not everyone likes the came kind of caterwauling I do, but I have found a great many people swayed once they actually hear Master Bushaway's music.

One word of caution though: long, l-o-n-g. Almost everything he does is over seven minutes and - on the odd occasion - over twenty, so these are not tunes you can drive-by listen to. I always dowloaded their tracks, knowing that this is necessary because these are tracks to be lived with and savoured. Jon has always had a natural touch at picking and utilising the right sounds and - on balance - Curled Up is considerably tamer than a lot of his work. Damn it, it even has a kind of new age feel about it, and that'll never do. What always impresses, however, is how that huge amount of time is used up and that is where Jon scores massively over others. The man is detail oriented like you wouldn't believe; there are worlds within his tunes. Believe me, I always pack for one of his adventures because you never know where you ae going to end up - other than curled up in a ball obviously.

Excellent electronica soundscape. Recommended sonic rapture.

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