Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Painted Water - Feastia of the Sun

Hear The Track Here

Although Painted Water has been around Soundclick for some time, this is the first time I have reviewed anything by him and it's fitting that it should be the last track out of the bag - always nice to end up with a bit of a bang, Ian Henderson is the water wot is painted (Ed: Nice Gilmore, nice), a (gulp) New Age musician from Washington State. You may have noticed me turning a whiter shade of pale when I gulped just then, and I think you can guess the reason why. I don't do New Age, I do old age. Specifically crabby, irritable, mean and vindictive old age smelling suspiciously of liniment and mould. I suspect that Painted Water is somehow aware of this fatal flaw in my character and has acted accordingly. Good job too eh? Big sighs of relief all round.

Feastia of the Sun is, as you can imagine, a Latin acoustic flavoured track that I found to be right up my musical street. I do love world music and latin acoustic in particular and this is a great example of both, all wrapped up in a clear, sharp mix no matter how much you pump it up. Tell you what, crank this bad boy up all the way and you'd have the whole block clicking castanets and stamping heels before you could shout 'ole' which - surprisingly enough - happens a lot on this track. Mind you, there's a fair bit to go ole at, if you get my drift (Ed: how could anyone, you're gabbling man!!!)

Ian has been playing keyboards for years and it shows, both in what he plays and the manner in which he presents it. When push comes to shove I am more impressed by musicians who know both how to make and produce their material and that only comes with time and experience. Take, for example, the gorgeous drum sound that this track features. Do you know how hard that kind of crack and biff is?? Even, I would argue, in this day of ready made drum sounds. To get the kind of stereo picture this track operates in is, in itself, a work of art, to get such inspiring music on top of it is nirvana - even for a crabby, irritable, mean and vindictive old geezer like me.

Ole!! MUST HAVE World music.


Ayesha Sadiq said...

You have done a marvelous job! I am really inspired with your work.

Anonymous said...

Very Interesting!
Thank You!