Monday, August 30, 2010

Rustik - Weight Of The World Ft Commonground

Hear The Track Here

Third time around for US based hip hop musician/rapper Rustik who, so far, has made a good impression. Not something that's easy to do when you are talking about hip hop, I'll grant you but, as I've said in every review this guy comes across as somewhat different to the norm. Although it is the healthiest and busiest genre on Soundclick its has many, many detractors. Usually on account of content but this is hip hop, where bad language is almost an artform in itself. Point is, you expect it to be close to the bone and it's always a surprise when its not, and this is where Rustik lies in the plot.

Both previous tracks - Backpack (March 2010) and Awkward Glow (July 2010) - showed that he thought about what he wrote, and cared about the message he was putting across. Big pluses in my book. Rustik has also proved that he knows how to construct songs, and if previous tracks don't do it, Weight Of The World definitely does. Musically, funnily enough, this is probably a kind of rock track, although the rap is pure hip hop and it actually works very well. Sure, it's all a tad on the rough side, and some of the vocals aren't as tight as they should be, not to mention the tuning. BUT (Ed: that's a big butt) taken over a period of time, this song definitely grows on you, as do every one of this musicians tracks so far.

I ended my last review (of Awkward Glow) by stating that the track was real close to being there, and I think the same could be said for this. I'm not sure whether tightening up the vocals would do it, but I think it would probably help. Nevertheless, if this is what is on offer, then it's plenty good enough and anyone who is not a fiendish nerd about these things (that'll be me) will just hear a really different, enjoyable slice of rock rap. Actually, Rustick (and Commonground?) are probably going to get really ticked off about this and come and beat me about the ears for describing them so. Hey, that's what my ears tell me, maybe you see it differently.

Highly Recommended rock/hiphop hybrid (honest)

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