Friday, August 27, 2010

Cam's Even Song - A Picture Hanging

Hear The Track Here

Regular readers will already know that at the beginning of each year, the first review out is a review of the previous year, in which I highlight things that have pleased (or vexed) me, musicians that I feel deserve special attention and - of course - the single category awards. Yep, disbelieving eyeballs, awards. Virtual of course and worth nothing other than in my mind and the people who receive such plaudits but hey, it keeps us off the streets, I started this in 2003 and the ultimate point of it was to find an outstanding talent for that year. Since 2003 there have been many Artist Of The Year and I am proud of my choices and especially of my choice for 2006: Cam's Even Song. As well as being one of the mainstays of Soundclick's Critics Corner, Cam is also a fine songwriter, musician and producer and one with a unique sound. Instantly recognisable as being Cam, if you know what I mean.

The problem I always have whenever I visit his site is choice, you are spoilt for it. As well as being a fine...yadda yadda, Cam is also incredibly prolific, the kind of songwriter who can (and does) write about everything under the sun, the stars and Heaven and Hell. While he is an obvious Christian rocker, Cam has always let his music do the talking and - to be honest - that's one of his traits I value most. Faith is a personal thing, either there or not and I don't need to know what anyone thinks, I have my own mind. There is no denying that when Cam gets into that groove, his music is deeply spiritual, glowing with its own special message, but only for those who have ears to hear, as I am sure he knows too well. More fool them I say because, for me, Cam's Even Song rarely - if ever - put a foot wrong. Take a listen to any of the 250+ tracks and you'll see what I mean.

For me, Cam has two main modes, with lots of little detours. Let's call those two main modes by the styles they most remind me of: Bob Dylan and The Beatles. A Picture Hanging is from the Beatles end of the spectrum and - as you can imagine - is usually a fave of mine, although I do like his Biblical Bob Dylan more. The underlying message of A Picture Hanging is Christian certainly but again not overtly so, it certainly won't register for a while with people who like this very poppy approach. As usual, Cam sounds in fine form, that distinctive voice clearly telling it like it is, all in his own inimitable style. So, if you are a Cam fan already, this is a shoo in, if you are not, try it and see and you may be very surprised - quality will out.

Highly Recommended Pop Rock from a Cam who can.

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