Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fatal Fours - Nearly Man

Hear The Track Here

Another review request from the blog now, Fatal Fours are a four piece from my neck of the woods (London, UK) who I was not aware of until one of the band sent me this track to listen to. According to their MySpazz page they are a 'band who command an alternative rock sound with shades of an industrial edge' which sounds like a damn fine plan to me Batman. Alternative rock being a long time fave genre of mine, and industrial music is one of my own musical fields of endeavour so - on paper at least - the Fatal Fours and I should get along famously. Nearly Man is a track from the band's three track EP produced by The Animal Farm, a production group also based in London. They can see the London Eye from their offices even, and folks, it doesn't come any better than that.

Like any other human being, I am going to be biased towards those I consider 'my own', and most London based musicians come under that big tent - and even moreso when they were their local roots with pride, as do Fatal Fours. Regular readers will be only too well aware of my continuing love and respect for Howard Billington and Smoke It 'n' Die and - in some ways - Fatal Fours reminds me somewhat of them. Much denser, rockier and raucous though and - given time - Nearly Man proves to be a very handy slice of high energy, synco-beat get-right-off-your-face dance till dawn opus that I guarantee goes down a storm live. Or it would, once the audience got used to the way it is put together.

Kudos to Animal Farm on the production; its tight, punchy and - something many producers seem to forget - it accurately reflects what the band would/should sound like. At the big time level, producers are generally hired for their 'own' sound and I have met a great many who think they know how this works, and very, very few who actually do. At the local level, the best that can be gained is that accuracy of capturing what the band have. Nearly Man is a great introduction to Fatal Fours and (in a way) Animal Farm both of which I will be doing more checking into. In the meantime, if you want something with a bit more get-up-and-go than the standard alternative rock, then try this, you will not be disappointed.

High energy, high octane mix. Highly Recommended ass on fire music.

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