Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Big Wheel - Forever

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Mr Wheelie (as you must call him) returns this month to his original stomping grounds of electronica, green in wire and silicone (Ed: as opposed to red in tooth and claw I suppose?? Sheesh, I give up) or, as he so charmingly puts it 'more noodling, jammy fun wi' jam in' and if you think that makes sense then you have already met the man who gave us the immortal danceforms of 'chillage, danceage, noddage and groovage' . Or, in much simpler terms, he makes it up as he goes along. Come on, he'd have to right?? Certainly the same couldn't be said for his music which I have found since I first met him with Far Away (July 2006) has proved to be of extremely high quality even if some of it is (gulp) mellow.

Damn, now I have to go wash my mouth out.

'Just pissing around in the studio with my geetar, keys and puter. ' he states in the song comments, and I'm sure there are many of us who would nod wisely and say I wish it were that simple. Mind you, that's always been the case with Big Wheel (even when he's being a bit Kenny-G-ish; ie mellow), his sense of musical taste has always separated him from the normal dance flotsam and jetsum, and consequently kept a philistine like me content into the bargain. As you know, I may do yellow on a great many occasions, mellow is an absolute no-no. Unless, obviously, it is done by Big Wheel and a few other equally talented (and patient) musicians, then I got a lot of time for it.

The Wheeled Wonder is a bit of a dab hand when it comes to using whatever is at hand and that simplicity counts, all qualities on display on this groovy little jive-a-thon (Ed: OMG!! Gilmore caught the Wheelie bug, run away!!!, run away!!!). Can't say I'm going to be bestest best friends with the track of course, but I don't think that was the objective. Just pissing around was, if we are to believe His Roundness, and considering that's what he was doing he still managed to work in a nice blend of jazzy blues, with slices of dance electronica vocal that lift the track above yer standard instrumental (which is basically what it is). If you like slick dance-y stuff though, I have a sphere you should meet...

Highly Recommended ' fun wi' jam in'

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