Monday, August 09, 2010

Fear 2 Stop - Pizza-chu

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What do you mean by shouting '**** off then!!' at me? Oh, not me, them. See, some of you are obviously following the soap opera that has become an essential part of Fear 2 Stop's current persona. There I was a while ago, sobbing on your shoulder and bewailing a world that didn't contain Fear 2 Stop, but still - month after ******* month - here's yet another new (or old) track. Mind you, as far as back catalog goes, this experimental electronica trio have more tunes salted away than a squirrel has nuts in November. Put it like this, I have reviewed at least two thirds of them so there are even tracks I haven't heard yet. The real question is, do I really want to? I've become comfortable with the modern Fear 2 Stop, as have many of their fans (yes, they do have them) and that is why I will mourn their passing. Pizza-Chu, unfortunately, comes from a much, much earlier incarnation of this band that - to be honest - had me tearing my hair out in frustration. I first come across them in late 2003 and this track dates from a year before that (Ed: that would be 2002 for those making ready to count fingers)

So, do I REALLY want to go back there?

Well, life's tough and then you get to review an ancient Fear 2 Stop relic, so let's don the white gloves and crack on. Funnily enough, back in the day (2003/4/5) were probably THE most challenging band I have ever reviewed, and their track were not always a barrel of laughs. Seems strange then to be listening to something from back then - albeit 'slightly' remixed - and going oh yeah I know this. It also says something really important about the whole Fear 2 Stop thing. I am living proof that Fear 2 Stop have always, but always, sounded like this because I feel so comfortable with it now, like a musical old pair of shoes. Their schtick has always been to mix analog and digital sounds, lay in an often cheesy drumtrack, thunder a bass right down the middle of it and there you have this bands entire collection.

As such, then, despite its age, Pizza-chu is going to sound very familiar to those who know this band. I'm not sure what exactly Billy (Castillo) means by 'slight' remixing because this sure as hell sounds better than anything I ever made back then. Most of my early stuff sounds weak to my ears these days, but such doesn't seem to be the case with Fear 2 Stop, especially rhythmically. Fact is, I can't remember them being anything like as funky as this back in the day, if they had it might have saved us all a lot of pain and anguish. So, what it all boils down to is this:

Vintage Fear 2 Stop. Not for the foolhardy. Highly Recommended.

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