Friday, August 27, 2010

Ashique M Fahim - Behind Your Veil

Hear The Track Here

Those who can, shred. Those who can't write about, it so I guess that puts me in my place huh? Actually, as I mind-numbingly pointed out in my last review of this Bangla Deshi musician, I don't particularly like shredding. Sure I can see the value of being able to do that as a guitarist but maybe not to the extent some take it. Musicial masturbation just makes me go cold. Usually. Of course there are moments when that doesn't happen and I actually like what I hear but the way its put together has to add to the whole. For example, go on to You Tube and search for shredding and you'll see what I mean, some fourteen thousand shredders to chose from. Put in context, however, shredding actually is inspirational and edifying. I for one would LOVE to hear what Jaqueline Mannering would do with real music. Bear in mind, this is an eighteen year old....

I reviewed Ashique only once before with Firestarter Demo (October 2009), and looking back he got off lightly and that was because he maybe knew that shredding wouldn't fit too well with the overwhelming numbers of fine guitar instrumentals that dot a site like Soundclick. Given the deluge of such tracks, for one to stand out it really must be outstanding on all kinds of levels and Firestarter just missed that. Between then and now though, the difference is quite stark, both in production terms and style of track. Mind you, this is much more like the kind of rock that suits this kind of guitar style, light and supportive.

When all is said and done, this IS just a guitar instrumental but, if you like this guitar style, is a very worthwhile listen as well as being a halfway decent tune into the bargain. It's got some lovely touches, whether these were carried out during the recording or done afterwards makes no difference. It's those little touches that really make this track happen for me. After all, If I HAVE to listen to yet another guitar instrumental it had better have a bit more going for it than speed and suppleness of the ol' pointing digits, it damn well should make sense musically. Mmmmm. If you listen carefully, you can even hear a faint 'harumph' from that last sentence. I really am getting old, I sound like some geriatric colonel... Behind Your Veil is a guitarists dream and - over and above that - a very good tune into the bargain.

Excellent riffage. Highly Recommended.

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