Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Joseph Moore - Whittle Little Figures

Hear The Track Here

One of the very best things about running the blog is that it is an endless source of new musicians, Joseph Moore/Control Patrol is one of them. Joseph, like a lot of us, wears a great many hats; he's a web designer, video producer, a writer and - no doubt in his spare time - he's also a multi-instrumentalist musician. See, that's the problem with this computer stuff, see one thing it's 'hey I want to do that' and before you know it, your life is divided into tinier and tinier slices with sleep coming in a huge distance to the rear. All well and good if you can keep up the pace, but - believe me - a nightmare if you can't. The trick of it is, as Joseph will no doubt agree, to get the balance right; have enough time for all these projects AND have a real life. That's the kicker and, for the record, I DO have a life and a very fulfilling one too but not, I suspect, for very much longer unless I get on with this review.

'A song I wrote about little whittled people and the adventures they have' Joseph says about Whittle Little Figures (try saying that real fast three times) to which I say ooookkkkk. I've certainly heard stranger song subjects but this one is obviously a bit up there too. Musically though its a completely different story albeit with a conventional bass, drums, guitar, keyboard, vocals layout with a marked reggae lope that Joseph didn't even realize was there until he listened to it without the vocals. Actually, its way more pop than anything else, and that - at least to me - is no bad thing at all, especially when you ally it to the detailed arrangement and musical tricks that Joseph so ably brings to the table.

Although it took me a good few plays before Whittle Little Figures started to inform me of just how good it was. I have to say I love the guitar section towards the end, but I would because I'm a guitarist, but the whole track is an absolute work of love, time and endless patience. Believe me, I know this. To achieve this level and depth of musical field takes years and years of hands on musical experience and that is even more evident, surprisingly enough, when it comes to the unsigned world. There are endless quite good musicians, there are some awesome musicians and then there are a few musicians who wear many hats, I'm sure you know some of them yourself. Well, I guess we'd better add Joseph Moore to that list because I'm sold on the man, on just one track. Aaaaahhh, but what a track. If you like pop that still has an innocence and charm about it, grab this and clutch it tightly to your bosom.

MUST HAVE pop song.

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